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Building Green

Beautiful green built cabinetry.

Over the years, we at Cook & Cook Cabinetry have made a commitment to build our cabinetry using more “green” materials and methods.  Building green means using more sustainable materials while reducing or eliminating the more environmentally unfriendly chemicals and substances.  Energy efficiency with an emphasis on fossil fuel reliance reduction is also an important part of building green

We accomplish this in the following ways:

In Product

  • Using only water-based finishes, thus greatly reducing the amount of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and eliminating any HAPS (hazardous air pollutants).
  • Using only materials that contain no added formaldehyde. This includes our glues and pre-manufactured sheet goods.
  • Using domestic and certified lumber, when requested.

In Facility

  • We heat our shop with a gasification wood furnace, which is fueled with wood byproduct from production.  This helps to reduce our reliance on fossil fuel energy.
  • The sawdust and shavings that are produced in our woodshop are given to a local farm for use with their livestock.


We take pride in the cabinetry we build and want our customers and their families to love and enjoy their kitchens for generations.  We hope that our commitment to building green helps them love and enjoy their kitchens a little more and hopefully, for longer.


For more information or questions on how to build green, please give us a call or email us.

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