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  • "The cabinets and bench look GREAT! They aren’t quite finished installing them but they really look fantastic – I will definitely send you pictures.

    Thanks so much for everything!"

    S.W. (Brooklyn Heights, NY)
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    Exquisite Cabinetry
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Cook & Cook is truly an outstanding company with which to work. Excellent design, craftsmanship and service. We are delighted with our kitchen.

K.W. (Freeport, ME)

The pictures of the cabinets that I saw on Friday looked fantastic! I cannot wait to see them in person – and USE them in person! They really are gorgeous.

Thank you so very much.

L.C. (Bethesda, MD)

I’ve been meaning to email for a while now. Once we get the dust out of here, I will be sure to send some pictures for you. Folks who have seen the cabinets are simply blown away. What a treat to work with you folks.

N.V. (Naples, ME)

The cabinets are here – they are so beautiful that I could actually cry. I’ve already called in a couple of friends to see them and they wanted to know how I ever got such a perfect finish by email!! I’ve never seen cabinets like this before – except in my head – and you did a PERFECT job of creating my dream.

Thank you so much.

B.C. (Natick, MA)

Thank you so much for all your help over the past few months. I have no doubt that we will love our new kitchen.

Again, thank you so much for everything!

J.B. (Falmouth, ME)

We had to go down to the house this weekend to see the cabinetry. We spoke to [our contractor] yesterday and he said it was the highest quality he has seen in a long, long time. It looks absolutely FABULOUS! The maple is beautiful. The cherry with the cove design is stunning. We cannot wait to cook our first meal!

Thank you so much for helping us with our dream kitchen.

M.B. (Dover, MA)

The kitchen looks gorgeous.

Thanks so much for the wonderful job.

C.S. (Portland, ME)

Now for the cabinets… it was worth the wait. They look superb. I was expecting a lot and my expectations were exceeded. The quality, craftsmanship and detail are most impressive. I thank you for providing us with a great piece of furniture.

T.C. (Marietta, GA)

We love our kitchen!  We say that to each other almost every day.  And yes, we can see plenty of birds from almost every seating location around the island!

M.P. (Cumberland Foreside, ME)

I’m thrilled that you like the kitchen enough to use it in your advertising. We certainly think it turned out beautifully and appreciate your expertise in creating our dream kitchen. We get lots of compliments on it and relish the opportunity to highly recommend Cook & Cook.

M.B. (Falmouth, ME)

The cabinets are beautiful–we are very happy–today they have all the cabinets in except the center island-Wow! –Love the black!–

L.C. (Cape Elizabeth, ME)

Have not seen them (cabinets) yet, but look forward to seeing how great they look. You have been wonderful to work with.

Best Regards.

C.P. (South Portland, ME)

I was in the house today and we are in the beginning of the end with the floors commencing. I had a chance to catch my breath and look from a distance at the kitchen in relation to the whole space. (With everything that is now gone.) IT LOOKS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I love it, and know that it will get tremendous use. Please let your team know that we truly appreciate their talents.

Thank you again for everything.

R.S. (Concord, MA)

I can’t wait to see the cabinets! Thank you so much for all your help with our kitchen. It was a pleasure working with you.

J.M. (West Newton, MA)

The kitchen is functional & easy to use and so good looking.

Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful addition to our home.

A.F. (Cape Porpoise, ME)

We would like to say “thank you”. Everyone should be proud of the work they did in making the quality cabinets that we have received. We are sure they will give us many years of pleasure and will last for generations. We greatly appreciate the great working relationship that we had with you. It certainly made one of the most important selections that we had to make for the house, easy.

Many thanks.

D.S. (Falmouth Foreside, ME)

How can we ever thank all of you at Cook & Cook for making our dream come true?! The tiger maple cabinets you designed and handmade for us are absolutely breathtaking. They stop everyone who enters the house right in their tracks! [My husband] is thrilled with them and thinks they are the centerpiece of our new home.

We feel very blessed to have your stunning work in our home, and it was a joy to work with you – you made it so easy for us!

J.R. (Falmouth Foreside, ME)

The cabinets are installed and look great. All the [installer] guys have said they look great and well built. Thanks so much for your steadfastness… it makes a difference.

L.I. (Fishers Island, NY)

Thanks for providing us something of great beauty that every member of my family will use most every day for the rest of my life. (You can tell I plan on them taking me out of this house on a shutter.)

W.B. (Kittery, ME)

We’ve gotten many compliments on our cabinets. Everyone loves the self-closing drawers.

J.D. (Biddeford Pool, ME)

What a beautiful kitchen! The electrician just left and it’s all done! Nothing left to do but cook!

Thank you, it really came out nice. We couldn’t be happier.

M.P. (Cumberland Foreside, ME)

[Client’s kitchen] looks “GREAT”!!! Thanks for a great product! I enjoyed the installation… Hope we can do it again sometime.

C.C. (Cabinetry Installer)

Thanks so much for bearing with us through all the changes!

We know we are going to love the cabinets and our new kitchen will be a joy to work in. Can’t wait!

S.F. (Cape Porpoise, ME)

I love the cabinets, and they have made an impression on every single person that got to see them, from an experienced builder to my sister.

J.G. (Portland, ME)

We are so glad we found your company. Your work is glorious. There is no one that designs, builds and finishes cabinets as magnificently as you do. We have looked at kitchen cabinets for years (a kind of fetish we have) and never have we seen such quality and care taken in creating such beautiful cabinets.

We are proud and honored to have Cook & Cook cabinets in our new home.

K.W. (Freeport, ME)

Many thanks to you. The cabinets are truly lovely.

T.B. (Phippsburg, ME)

Our kitchen cabinets are fabulous! It has been such a joy to work with you. Thank you for your high quality craftsmanship, ideas, great communication, patience… we cannot stop praising you to our friends and family.

J.K. (Woolwich, ME)

We continue to get compliments on our kitchen and I love it everyday!

J.V. (Castine, ME)

They just brought up the foyer cabinets. They’re so beautiful I actually started to cry.

You guys are amazing!

J.R. (Long Island City, NY)


Thank you so much for the marathon production effort. You’re the best.

J.L. (Duxbury, MA)

The cabinets are safely tucked into a dry garage where we have bean able to look them over. They are just what we expected: soundly constructed perfect details and beautifully finished.

S.K. (Falmouth, ME)

Thank you, thank you for creating such a beautiful kitchen for us. It is like a piece of art. Hope you can see it for yourselves sometime.

L.S. (Pine Point, ME)

I wanted to let you know that it has been and is a pleasure to work with you. After speaking with you today, I am consistently impressed with everyone’s level of detail and concern, you really have it all together. Not a week goes by in our home, when we are not entertaining family or friends. I love to cook and create a relaxed atmosphere to gather people and share fun with our family. We look forward to creating many more family memories, and would love future clients to come to you because of a dinner in our home. Thanks in advance for making a busy and hectic time easier. We have complete faith in your judgment, expertise and workmanship.

R.S. (Concord, MA)

Beautiful cabinetry performed wondrously well through Christmas revelries with [family & friends].

J.R. (Portland, ME)

Thank you so much for creating such beautiful, classic, special cabinetry for our new kitchen! We are so happy with the finished product and cannot wait to see them installed (& functioning!)

S.P. (Bronxville, NY)

We didn’t really know how to say thanks for the wonderful cabinets and table/bench you created for us. We love them. It must be very satisfying to make such beautiful wooden pieces of art!

D.B. (South Portland, ME)

The cabinets look fabulous! I love them! Thank you so much for all your attention to detail and help and patience throughout the project. The workers have begun putting the kitchen together and it really is turning out nicely.

Thanks again, we love your cabinets (as does our contractor!)

Take Care.

J.D. (Cumberland, ME)

The cabinets looked spectacular when I saw them yesterday. They will be the centerpiece of the house. Thanks for all of your help and professionalism.

Take care.

J.R. (Falmouth, ME)

The cabinets and bench look GREAT! They aren’t quite finished installing them but they really look fantastic – I will definitely send you pictures.

Thanks so much for everything!

S.W. (Brooklyn Heights, NY)

Thanks to everyone at Cook & Cook for making 2010 such a wonderful year for us!  That kitchen is a dream come true and you all were a delight to work with!

Happy New Year!

B.B. (Kennebunk, ME)

Thanks for everything. The cabinets look great and it feels good to have them home. Can’t wait to see them installed.

M.O. (Brunswick, ME)

I appreciate so much all you have done for us– it looks really fantastic in there and it’s not even finished yet!  Along with your truly excellent products, your customer service is over the top.  I am so impressed with all of you… it has been a real pleasure to work with you!

B.G. (Cape Elizabeth, ME)

Thanks again. I didn’t realize this process would be so enjoyable!

J.F. (Cousins Island, Yarmouth, ME)

We can’t believe it’s been nearly two years since we got our cabinets. We just love them, and as they have aged the kitchen has become more and more beautiful.

K.P. (Cumberland, ME)

We love our kitchen! Every morning, it’s a joy. Every meal is a picnic. Thank you for the care and craftsmanship that went into the kitchen, as well as, all the other wonderful fixtures you created.

Thanks again!

B.D. (Kennebunk, ME)

I am so excited to have it all come together!  You do such beautiful work– it’s been a pleasure working with ya!

B.G. (Cape Elizabeth, ME)

The cabinets are absolutely beautiful!! I love the color, the hardware, the glass fronts, they are just fantastic! Thanks so much for all your guidance and hard work.

S.P. (Ipswich, MA)

We got the cabinets. They are truly remarkable. We are very pleased.

Thank you so much for all your hard work.

N.D. (Weston, MA)

The cabinets are beautiful! The guys [installers] really like your instructions and the quality and workmanship.

M.B. (Carlisle, MA)

The cabinets are gorgeous; we’ve gotten so many compliments on them. And the construction is superior to everything else we’ve seen.

Thanks so much for everything.

R.S. (Northville, MI)

Thank you.

It has been a real joy to work with you folks. The cabinets are beautiful and they make our room come to life.

Your pleasant ways of dealing with us fussy customers has inspired us not only to recommend you to all of our friends but the quality of your work has inspired us regarding other rooms in this old house. We will most likely work together again in the future.

Thank you so much for a GREAT job.

M.T. (Waterford, ME)

Happy New Year, we couldn’t be happier with our new kitchen at our Biddeford Pool home. Thanks again for all your assistance and thanks to the entire team at Cook & Cook for a job well done.

T.D. (Biddeford Pool, ME)

Please accept our sincere thanks for our beautiful new kitchen cabinets. Your workmanship is outstanding, your patience with us “divine”.

J.C. (Porter, ME)

Your guy just left after delivering the most incredible island I’ve ever seen! I can’t believe what a difference it makes in my already wonderful space. The gate leg is an inspiration – and I can already see a group of people gathering around to chop vegetables at Thanksgiving.

Thank you for your attention to detail and outstanding customer service. Believe me, from be that is a compliment. As a shop owner, I find myself constantly getting upset about the lack of customer service when I shop. You are the exception to that trend.

B.C. (Natick, MA)

I’ve had a wonderful time entertaining in my new kitchen this year. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your attention to detail in the planning and execution of my new cabinets. They are truly a joy to use and to show off!

You do good work and I appreciate you!

B.C. (Natick, MA)

We cannot thank you enough for creating the kitchen of our dreams. The craftsmanship and quality and care and pride show in every joint (is that what they’re called?), shelf, cabinet door, and quiet thunk of drawers when they shut.

We are thrilled with every detail and thank you for thinking of absolutely everything, asking tons of questions and helping us visualize and perfect the room.

Thanks again.

B.M. (Dobbs Ferry, NY)

Cabinets did arrive safely, thank you! And, they look beautiful! [Our installer] has everything expertly installed and they are absolutely gorgeous.

We’re very, very happy with the cabinets, and wanted to thank you. We appreciate all the work that went in to producing them. They really are beautiful. We’re constantly showing them off to everyone who walks through the door!

M.P. (Cumberland Foreside, ME)

Thanks for the photos – I’m just totally blown away! The red birch is so exquisite that I’ll be unable to get any cooking done because I’m just going to be staring at my cabinets all the time. It’s clear that you spent an enormous amount of time and effort matching the grain.

J.R. (Long Island City, NY)

The counter and cabinets are so beautiful – we couldn’t be happier with them. It’s been such a pleasure working with you. You are the nicest people and the craftsmanship of your product is remarkable – as I’ve been telling everyone I know! Much continued success with your business.

I can’t wait for the kitchen to be completed.

Thanks again for my beautiful cabinets and counter and for being such a joy to work with.

G.P. (Cape Elizabeth, ME)

We were at the house this weekend. The kitchen is GORGEOUS!

L.H. (Kennebunk, ME)

Everyone’s asleep and now I can RAVE about the incredible, gorgeous cabinetry!! I love the color; I love the bead and flat panel that we chose. I checked out the mixer spring-up contraption, the utensil drawer, and ran my hand across the gorgeous wood top for my desk and pantry. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

L.H. (Cape Elizabeth, ME)

We salute Cook & Cook Cabinetry and send many thanks for our glorious kitchen!

S.W. (Freeport, ME)

Thank you again for your spectacular craftsmanship and untiring advice and patience.

J.R. (Falmouth Foreside, ME)

I can’t tell you how many oohs and aaahs we’ve gotten over the island top – people are amazed by the gorgeous wood. It literally scintillates. Thank you over and over! (The color is just right…)

K.B. (Frederick, MD)

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